About Me

I am a mother of 3 and grandmother to 13 beautiful grandchildren. I live in a lovely picturesque valley southwest of Portland, Oregon. One day about 16 years ago I went in to work to find I was no longer a "fit" for their company. So after a week of being devastated and feeling worthless, I had to find things to do to take up the 60+ hours a week I used to work. At first I enjoyed my free time, but there are only so many jigsaw puzzles to do and weeds to pull. Being artistic runs in my family, I had painted and done cross stitch before. So I was looking for something creative to do with my time. I'm not really sure what drew me to polymer clay, but as the saying goes it was love at first sight. I became instantly addicted. Then after a few months I was starting to build up quite a few finished projects. Thinking maybe I could try selling some of them to "feed my addiction", I started selling through eBay. Then a site called Etsy opened and I jumped ship over there.

Now I think I have the experience to go out on my own and so created this website. I used to think change was scary, but if I hadn't been let go I wouldn't be able to be doing what I love and love what I'm doing. Making money is just a perk :)

Everything I make started from a solid colored block of clay. I blend the colors and form my owns canes that I then use to make countless creations. I love to take that bland, boring item and make it into something beautiful and fun to use.
I think that if chaos breeds creativity, then I must be one of the most creative because my creative space to some will probably look like a chaotic mess.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, email me at polymerclaycreations@comcast.net.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me :)


 P.S. If you'd like to check out my other offerings on Etsy, here is my shop address http://www.polymerclaycreations.etsy.com